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Overcoming COVID fatigue

Dear valued customer

How have you been? During this pandemic, all of us have to adjust to many restrictions in order to stay healthy and safe. We end up staying at home much more, whether it is work from home, not dining out or even the inability to travel overseas.

How do we stay sane and upbeat in time like this? Try essential oils for aromatherapy! Here are some ways to use essential oils

Inhalation – a drop or two on a tissue and inhale

Diffusing – use a tea light or electric diffuser so the essential oils can permeate the room, home or office

Footbath – a few drops to soak the feet bring much relief to tired feet

Regular bath – add a few drops and mix with unscented shower gel

Shampoo – add a few drops and mix with shampoo and conditioner

Massage – add 15 drops to 30 ml of carrier oil and massage

Room spray – add several drops to distilled water or hydrosol, shake well before use

On bedsheets – few drops of Lavender bring calmness and relaxation

In the car – simply drop oils on a tissue and lay it around

By computers – a few drops of rosemary on a tissue immediately wakens up sleepiness and distractions

New stock of 6* organic essential oils and hydrosols have just been received. Do drop by and see if you need to replenish or simply get started on aromatherapy! Text me at 90034820 and I’ll be happy to assist or recommend.

Best wishes

Susan Wee

Master Aromatherapist


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