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Pure Serenity

Our essential oils are so versatile around the home and workplace.  They can help create a mood in the home, freshen up the bathroom, help with alertness in the boardroom, provide mental clarity at exam time and induce peacefulness at bedtime.


Complementary products are those which have been tried and tested, and have receive many favourable comments by users.



Susan Wee

Master Aromatherapist

Diploma with specialisations in Holistic Herbal Therapy and Clinical Nutrition Consultant

I have been introduced to essential oils more than 20 years ago and was instantly fascinated by its fragrance and the extensive healing properties each oil possesses.  I had personally benefitted from the use of essential oils in so many ways.  I also had fun in choosing appropriate essential oils to suit different needs. It is with these years of experience and exploration that I would like to take this interest further, to share with others the innumerable benefits of these oils, distilled from what are provided by mother nature.


In recent years, aromatherapy has become extremely popular, as people understand the importance of de-stressing the mind and body. Aromatherapy massage is carried out today in clinics, beauty salons, sports centres, hotels and even hospitals, where relaxation is seen as priority.


Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment involving use of essential oils extracted from plants to improve physical and emotional well-being. It also helps promote health and vitality by stimulating the body to heal itself and by reducing stress, which is often a cause of many ailments and illnesses.


Essential oils can greatly improve health of the skin. They improve elasticity, encourage cell regeneration, and improve dry skin conditions by regulating the secretion of sebum.


Its positive effect on the circulatory system brings about a sense of calm and relaxation and improves blood circulation. Certain oils are useful diuretics helping to eliminate fliud build-up. It is also known to relieve arthritis and uric acid crystals deposits in the joint spaces. Certain essential oils are anti-inflammatory, expectorant and antibacterial, therefore useful for respiratory disorders such as asthma, bronchitis and chest infections.

"It is gratifying that many of our users gave us very favourable feedback after using our products. It is our mission to share the goodness of this amazing healing and therapuetic plant extract and trust that whether you get the pure essential oils, the special blends or the facial and body oils, you are fully satisfied with the results they bring.


A "BIG" thank you for your kind support.  We will keep our products at the highest quality and best value for money.


Do look out for our next table sales!  See you again!" - Susan

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