Essential oils work on the mind and body as we respond physically and psychologically. When we inhale an essential oil, oil molecules enter our lungs and into our bloodstream. They interact and affect our entire body chemistry, calming or stimulating the immune system, digestion, nervous system, the endocrine/genito-urinary system and skin. Essential oils are diluted with a carrier  or base oil when applied to skin (with exception of tea tree and lavender).  The oil molecules are so small they penetrate the skin and readily enter the circulation, acting therapeutically to help calm, energize and heal.  They are later excreted from the body leaving no toxic residue.

Pure Essential Oils


(Citrus Bergamia)

Light, delicate, refreshing orange and lemon scent with slight floral overtones.


Antiseptic, Relaxant, Skin care, deodorant, anti-depressant, Uplifting, Soothing.

Cedarwood Atlas

(Cedrus Altlantica)

Warm, camphorus, woody balsalmic

reminiscent of Sandalwood but slightly dryer.


Calming, soothing, balancing, sedative, promotes healthy and uninterrupted sleep.

Cinnamon Bark

(Cinnamomum Zeylanicum)

Sweet, spicy, warm aroma.

Lowers cholesterol, controls blood sugar levels, strengthens healthy immune system.  Anti- oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-infection.


(Cymbopogen nardus)

Fresh, powerful, refreshing with a lemony scent.

Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, an

effective insect repellent.


(Eugenia caryophyllata)

Strong, spicy and penetrating oil.


Antiseptic, anti-histamine, fungicidal, good for toothache, sore gums, bad breath, mouth sores.


(Cupressus sempervirens)

Evergreen woody scent and slightly spicy, clear refreshing aroma.


Astringent, strengthens and tightens pores, tissues, reduces cellulite and varicose veins.


(Eucalyptus Radiata)

Clear, sharp, piercing, camphors and woody odour with a sweet undertone.


Antiseptic, Bactericide, Deodorant, Decongestant, insect repellent, Uplifting, purifying.


(Baswellia carteri)

Warm, woody, sweet, balsamic, spicy scent with a hint of lemon.


Antiseptic, anti-depressant, Uplifting, soothing, calming and elevating.


(Pelargonium odorantissium)

A sweet and rose like scent with minty overtones, relaxing on the body and mind.


Skin care, antiseptic, insect repellent, anti-depressant, deodorant.



Spicy, sharp, warm and pleasant aroma

with hint of lemon and pepper.


Use for nausea, indigestion, heart tonic 

and aids circulation, cold feet and hands,

muscle aids and pains.

Grapefruit Pink

(Citrus paradisi)

Pleasant, sweet, citrusy, tangy aroma

mentally uplifting and can ease stress and anxiety.


Known for its ability to clear toxins, detox and eliminate excess fluids, burn fat and protect against cancer.


(Lavandula augustifolia)

Floral, light, herbaceous, sweet scent with balsamic, woody undertones.


Skin care, antiseptic, restorative, tonic, balancing, uplifting, warming.


(Citrus limonum)

Fresh, sharp, sweet and citrus fragrance.


Skin care, antiseptic, insect repellent, Uplifting, soothing, stimulating, refreshing, cooling.


(Cymbopogon citratus)

Strong, lemony refreshing, herbaceous scent.


Antiseptic, deodorant, fungicide, digestive, stimulant, uplifting, invigorating and cooling.

Lime Cold Pressed

(Citrus aurantifolia)

Fresh, energizing, cheerful aroma known

for ability to cleanse, purify and renew the spirit and mind.


Astringent, restorative, full of antioxidants, prevents and help fight viral infections.


(Melaleuca quinquenervia)

Strong hot smell, balsamic with a note of camphor, sweet, fresh.


Strong antiseptic, use for respiratory problems, cold and flu'. Inhalation is best.


(Cymbopogon martini)

Sweet floral, with a hint of rose

Calming, yet uplifting and invigorating.


Excellent skincare properties, also

used to relieve stiff and sore muscles.


(Pogostemon cablin)

Strong earthy, exotic fragrance, yet sweet and spicy, calming.


Excellent for skin and hair care. Helps regulate oily skin and acne, especially helpful for those with eczema, psoriasis and dandruff.


(Mentha piperita)

Strong, piercing, refreshing, sharp menthol fragrance.


Decongestant, antiseptic, expectorant, stomachic, cooling, stimulating, refreshing.

Pine Scotch

(Pinus sylvestris)

Strong, dry, fresh forest, balsamic

turpentine like odor.


Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, soothing to rheumatic pain, stressed muscles and joints, fights fungal and viral infections.


(Rosmarinus officinalis)

Strong, clear, penetrating, refreshing, stimulating, herbaceous fragrance.


Analgesic, antiseptic, digestive, stomachic, restorative, tonic, stimulating, invigorating.


(Salvia sclarea)

Strong earthy, exotic fragrance, yet sweet and spicy, calming.


Excellent for skin and hair care. Helps regulate oily skin and acne, especially helpful for those with eczema, psoriasis and dandruff.

Sweet Marjoram

(Origanum marjorana)

Warm, penetrating, woody and slightly spicy, camphorous odour.


Sedative, relaxing, relievees anxiety, promotes healing. Diuretic.  Effective for gout, muscular aches and pains, cramps and spasms.

Tea Tree

(Melaleuca alternifolia)

Fresh, spicy, rather pungent, camphorous odour.


Anti-fungal, antiseptic, bactericide, decongestant, immunostimulant, refreshing.

Ylang ylang (1st Grade)(Cananga odoranta)

Sweet, floral, exotic, strong seductive aroma.


Relaxing, anti-depressant, liberating,

brightens mood, relieves anger, anxiety, relaxes tense muscles, calming and promotes restful sleep, lowers high blood pressure.

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