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Why I choose Certified Organic

What is Certified Organic?

When recognising the benefits of Certified Organic products, it is important to understand what it means to be accredited. Farmers, growers and producers that have achieved organic status are known for some key unique features in their farming production methods such as

- No synthetic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or fertiliers

- No exposure to GMOs

- Focus on social responsility

- Focus on environmentally sustainable practices including soil and land health and balanced eco-systems

To be certified, members are subject to stringent annual audits that practices meet organic standard; that throughout the production cycle, there is full traceability from source to finished product. This strictly controlled sequence ensures the oil is received in its purest form. Certific Organic oils offer the highest level of therapeutic properties as they are closest to their natural state. They are 100% pure and natural with no additives whilst ensuring nothing is stripped from the oil.

In our commitment to provide the highest quality of essential oil, Certific Organic is the ultimate pure grade available in the market. Certified Organic essential oils are unsurpassed in their quality and aromatic vibrancy.

However it may be noted that with Certific Organic essential oils, there can be seasonal variation from harvest to harvest. Factors such as harvesting time, climate changes including temperature, rainfall, sunlight and soil condition can cause differences to the essential oil scent and constituent chemical analysis. These variations may be minimal and may be noticable only to professional users of essential oils

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