Our Products

Our products are made from 100% organic essential oils sourced from Australia. These premium oils have either 5 or 6 star essential oil ratings and are USDA and/or ACO approved. Believing in the best for our customers, only premium quality essential oils are used for our products and we will continue to live by that philosophy.  




Unwinding with aromatherapy

100% Pure Essential Oils

Certified Organic and premium grade

Specially formulated blends for wellbeing and remedy for various conditions

Handmade aroma pillows and patches

Customised Facial blends for specific skin conditions

Body blends for circulation, aches, respiratory

Blends for simply relaxing and nourishing experience

We offer various health products including inhalers, carrier oils, burners and hand pillows.

Pure Serenity


Scents have the ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.  

It can set the desired mood and lift one's spirit


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