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Combining Mindfulness and aromatherapy

Mindfulness is being present in a given moment. It is the art of practising awareness of sensory information like touch, sound, smell, taste or image. and paying attention to the present moment without our thought wandering to a future agenda or a past event. Mindfulness helps us focus on the moment, and enables us to appreciating our surroundings in the present - birds singing, colour of flowers, subtle smiles, expressions of people around. It is a moment by moment awareness of the present without being caught up in thoughts apart from what we are currently experiencing.

In our hectic stressful lives, whether at work or at home, a million other things beg our attention. We are continually scrambling for solutions, lining up errands, deciding the next meal, planning the weekend's activity, or thinkig about our grocery list, Our minds are constantly preoccupied that we often forget to enjoy the present and become absent in the moment. For this reason, many people think of mindfulness as "paying attention on purpose". Mindfulness is a conscious choice and surprisingly, an effort for most people.

Practising mindfulness is a disciplne of cultivating our interconneted heart-attitude of patience, gratitude and acceptance. It is about having the courage and discipline to let go of distractions, insecurity and unhappiness to be aware of the present - and to fully live in the moment. Mindfulness enables us to appreciate each moment and fully savour the fullness of life, build better relationships with loved ones and liberate ourselves from the burden of anxieties and stress over things that are not within our control. Practising mindfulness will help us hear things we otherwise miss, enjoy a meaningful conversation with another person without hurrying off to the next appointment. We would be less likely to look for our pen in our hand, our spectacles worn over our head, or our car keys in the pocket!

Combining mindfulness and aromatherapy is a brilliant way to focus, relieve stress and rejuvenate the mind and body. You can apply the essential oil on the wrists and neck (dilute if necessary). Oils that help relax and practise mindfulness are

* Bergamot

* Chammomile Roman

* Frankincense

* Geranium

* Lavender

* Rose Otto

* Ylang Ylang

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