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About Pure Serenity

Miracles of Nature - the healing power of plants

Pure Serenity was founded on the passion to embrace nature's gift through essential oils. We would like to share these benefits with others through our product range. Whether it is Aromatherapy, Skin care or Pure Essential Oils we hope you too will be able to enjoy nature's gift. 

ACO Certified Organic

Top-Grade Essential Oil Rating

(6-Star Essential Oil Rating)


Personally blended essential oils for your well being

Skin Care

With gentle massage to the face, neck or scalp, essential oils penetrate the skin to restore its softness and clarity.  

Pure Essential Oils

Essential oils work on the mind and body as we respond physically and psychologically. 

Health Products

We also offer health products from herbal toothpaste to face and body soap.

Spray Bottles-r.jpg
Make your own aroma spray

Protect you and your family against possible infection

You can make your own spritzer using hydrosol and selected essential oils. This is how you can do it :-


Amber spray bottle 30 ml

20 ml hydrosol

10 drops of *sinus blend

Shake well and use it as room spray

* Sinus blend is recommended for its unique combination of essential oils suitable to

   prevent infection.  The blend contains -

        Niaouli - single most powerful oil for boosting immunity, fights infection

        Rosemary - known to be anti viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory

        Eucalyptus and Peppermint - protects respiratory tract


You may also us the "Immunity Protect" blend, "Immunity Booster" blend for the spray


Wearing a mask whenever you need to go out? Here's a tip to make it more comfortable - drop one drop of essential oil on the mask before wearing it. Most essential oils has anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties. Recommended blends are "Sinus Blend", "Breathe Easy Blend" or singles like Eucalyptus, rosemary or frankincense. Besides clearing nasal congestion, it is refreshing and uplifting.  Try it, and you wouldn't mind having to put on the mask when you are out!

"Fragrance is one of man's greatest enjoyments, bringing back memories of past experiences and creating a feeling of security, grounding and well-being."


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